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Aussie John The Taxi Driver

Allowing and aligning has been a way of life for many decades for this WISHpreneur A.K.A Aussie John -The Taxi Driver.

Wanting to remain anonymous, our featured WISHpreneur believes fully that we should all be empowered mentors paying it forward. Having had numerous encounters with near -death experiences, he grew up as a Christian Scientist following the work of Mary Baker Eddy. He was drawn to serve humanity and dive deep into this human experience. In 1977, as our featured WISpreneur was in his early 30’s and the Unification Movement was in full swing, the Taxi Driver left behind the life he had created and immigrated to the United States embarking on an entire new life and full time mission work.
Now, nearly 50 years later, this WISHpreneur has been in nearly 80 countries gathering life lessons, living with indigenous people, learning their culture and bringing goodness where it’s needed… however it’s needed....He is the visionary behind a global non profit, has a heart for those less fortunate and wants only to make sure that you're always remembering that we're “God sparks having a temporary human experience… an experience that's in the playground of life. It's to expand and explore… to be like that six year old simple, three year old excited type of person on the school ground, in the classroom, being in that same energy all the time.”
His paintings are all over the world, never once taken any money for them. The technique he uses carries on the communication form of a nearly extinct tribal community in the outback of Australia. Putting dots together into patterns… like the pixels now used to create every digital image we see… this dot-patterned painting dates back centuries. Today, the Taxi Driver honors those who were often thought less intelligent, but in reality were more intune with the ebb and flow of life… remembering those who have gone before.
Having been highly encouraged to ripple out Taxi Driver John’s inspired paintings and infuse them globally, his work is now available for purchase with a portion of the proceeds going back into his non profit. If one of his paintings were to hang on your wall, not only would you be keeping the energy of the nearly extinct tribal community alive, you would also support his heart-centered global non-profit that he has given his life to create.
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